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Published April 20, 2016

Cancer care
Proton therapy access easy in Texas

To the Editor:
Re: “The life he wants to save is his own,” April 6 Tribune: Can Dave Alberts go to Houston, Texas for proton therapy? Please contact the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston. They will treat you, and you won't be dogged to pay. Finest cancer center in the world. Ask the King of Saudi Arabia.
I among thousands of others live a wonderful and full life without having to be distressed in anyway. During and after the treatments. I still have an exam by my original doctor from 2013 every six months.
Thousands of children were being treated at the same time and place with protons and living wonderful lives without pain, without discomfort, without ever having to be stressed out by a “system.”

Richard Newton
Harlingen, Texas




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