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Published April 6

Snohomish Parks
Sell westside park land to fund other city projects

To the Editor:
Regarding the March 30 Tribune article, “Large park projects, such as 20-acre (sic) westside site, progressing”: I just learned from this article that the city can’t place an artist-in-residence and/or caretaker (originally favored by the mayor and other council members) in the farmhouse at 2000 Ludwig Road because of “labor law issues” forcing the city to rent it out at “market rates.”
The city paid $700,000 in cash for the 10-acre 2000 Ludwig Road property in 2013.  Currently, a similar 9.33-acre parcel at 8130 Ludwig Road near a BPA transmission line is listed for sale at $2.150 million.
Anyone else renting out a $700,000 property would have to get at least $4,000 per month just to break even.
I don’t believe the 2000 Ludwig Road property was acquired through “eminent domain.”  Consequently, the city can legally surplus the 10 acres and sell to the highest bidder.
Just think what $2 million in proceeds could do for our city parks.

Morgan Davis



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