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Letters published in the Feb. 10 Tribune:

Marijuana shops
Don’t fear the reefer

To the Editor:
Old habits die hard. Witness the knee-jerk response of the anti-pot store crowd, who continue a century of ridiculous propaganda against cannabis.  
Meanwhile, at the bars, they drink a toxic brew that lowers inhibition to aggression. People smoke pot, experience a mild euphoria, and get the “munchies.” People get drunk, they pick fights with cops. Yet pot shops are a “menace?”
We bought our house and have lived in Snohomish for 15 years. We love it here. Why make people drive up the hill to buy pot? Why give the taxes to the county? Why deprive adults access to a legal pursuit, voted on by a majority of the state? Every chance we have to make our community more self-sustaining is one we should embrace.
If you’re worried about high school kids getting access, wouldn’t you rather have them filching from their parents than buying from the meth dealer in the locker room?
I don’t even smoke pot. I just want to live in a free country. We’ve been lied to about pot for almost 100 years. Let’s use this opportunity to make a small step toward moving our town and country back to the greatness we had before the drug war put more people in prison than Communist China.
Harry Anslinger died 40 years ago. It’s time to let go of the fears caused by his legacy of lies.
I urge the Snohomish City Council to approve pot shops. Take the profits away from the cartels. Just legalize it.

Christopher Bingham



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