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Marijuana shops
Shops don’t belong in Snohomish

To the Editor:
My family has had the pleasure of living in the city of Snohomish for almost 11 years now. We love this place and want to make sure that our voice is heard. Both my husband  and I have the pleasure of working here in town and all but one of our five children attend school here in Snohomish. 
Over the last couple of years I have watched Highway 9 develop into the new “Highway 99,” offering pot shops, both recreational and medical and half-naked coffee shops. The only thing missing are pawn shops. I have often wondered at how that happened and why the local people didn’t say no.
I love the modern, artistic charm and historical character of Snohomish. It’s a classy place with forward-thinking citizens that love their community. 
This type of business, a marijuana business, does not belong here. Folks have plenty of choices farther down the road, right after picking up their latte from the topless barista. 
To the City Council: Please don’t make this your legacy. 
Let’s keep our town healthy, preserve our kids (it’s tough enough!) and encourage business that bring our community together in ways that enrich our society, not drag it down. Money should not be the bottom line here; consider the quality of Snohomish and the future of our children. 

Heather Sommer

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